Compliance Discount

We want your pets as healthy as possible, as soon as possible. Throughout the year, if you schedule a dental within 30 days of when your veterinarian recommended the procedure, you may be eligible for a discount. Call today at 479-273-0622 to schedule an appointment.

Dental Month

Did you know that dental disease increases the risk of multiple complications to your pet’s overall health? Dental disease can affect your pet’s cardiac, liver, and kidney health along with influencing various other organs. Call us today at 479-273-0622 to schedule a dental consult and potential cleaning today.

Canine Influenza

Canine Influenza aka “the dog flu” has made its way to Northwest Arkansas. The first confirmed case was diagnosed in late June 2018. It is suspected to have started in a boarding facility. At this time we are recommending the flu vaccine for all our canine patients. Please call our office at 479-273-0622 for appointment times and pricing.

Wildlife & Homeless Pet Fund

We want to help the community when possible and it’s your donations that allow us to do so. Client donations allow us to help treat local wildlife with the help of USFW Service licensed rehabilitators and also treat homeless pets until we can get them placed with local rescue groups. If you’re interested in making a donation, feel free to call and donate to the “Wildlife & Homeless Pet Fund.”

Refer a Friend

Getting $20 back is easy!

Refer a friend to our practice and you both receive $20