Veterinary Assistants


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Skyler Clark


Skyler joined our staff in 2015. When she is not working she enjoys having fun with her friends and family. She also spends most of her time preparing for her daughter whose arrival will be in February 2016. She is very excited and nervous. She has a very soft heart for all of the “puppies and kitties” that we get to see. Since joining our staff she never stops working on keeping the front organized for our clients. She is a wonderful addition to our team.






  Kari joined our staff in 2015. She is from Greenland Arkansas but now resides in Rogers. In her     spare time she enjoys to go camping and hang out around bonfires. She also likes art. She             loves being able to help animals that can’t help themselves and being able to see puppies and       kittens. Since joining our staff she has brought everyone’s goofy side out. If there is music               playing she is always singing or dancing along with it.