Rose Animal Clinic

Boarding Form

Thank you for choosing Rose Animal Clinic! Please fill out the form as completely and accurately as possible.

Boarding Agreement Form

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Emergency Contact Numbers-

(phone number you canbe reachedat in case of an emergencyor concern)

As a veterinary hospital if we cannot reach you, we feelobligated to treat any pet if a medical condition were to arise while boarding. By signing this form, youare authorizing us to treat your pet(s) at your expense if medical attention were to arise while in our care.

All boarding animals are required to be current on ALL core vaccines

  • Dogs-Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella, Intestinal Parasite Screen
  • Cats-Rabies, FVRCCP, Intestinal Parasite Screen
Boarding pets are required to be free of all internal and external parasites. A negative intestinal parasite screen is required before boarding. If any internal or external parasites are found we reserve the right to treat for thesafety of others animals and staff.

Proof of current vaccines must be provided to us by the time of check-in or your pet(s) if not, they will be examined and vaccinated here at owner’s expense.

  • Rose Animal Clinicis NOT responsible for any pet(s) causing injury to themselves due to stress, boredom, or thunderstorm anxieties. We are nothere overnight and cannot prevent such events.
  • You may bring a pet’s food if you’d like to keep him/her on the same diet at no extra charge. We provide Purina EN (bland) Veterinary Diet food in the kennels. Fresh water will be available at all times. Any medications or vitamins brought from home will be administered for an additional fee. Exercise will be provided two to three times daily outside in our walking yard.
  • Your pet’s home iscleaned, sanitized, and given fresh blankets/beddingat least twice daily.

Note: Clinic staff is not responsible for any lost personal belongings that were left with your pet.

If you fail to pick-up your pet within 10 days of the scheduled check-out date without notifying us, we will consider the pet abandoned.Should the pet becomeabandoned we will seek out Legal action.

Payment is expected in full when services are rendered.

Iunderstand and agree to the Rose Animal Clinic Boarding Policy